• Katherine Hofmann

Creatives are gathering like never before!

Artists are uniting during the pandemic. Creatives are using time during social distancing to gather and share ideas, inspiration and instruction.

Time is often a great escape artist of many creatives, between soccer practice, board meetings, and seemingly necessary commitments, time is what we as artists require to create and explore. Time to hone your skills and try new techniques is pushed to the back-burner due to lack of time in a week. The pandemic has added time to the clock of an often-short day, where time is stolen by procrastination and responsibility. Creatives relish in alone time, provided inspiration and creative tools are within their grasp. An afternoon alone is seen as a blessing not an inconvenience.

With the advent of Zoom meetings, artists are gathering virtually to share skills and spark ideas for discussion. Online meetings have morphed from business meetings (boring) to a gathering place for creative minds (yay!). Online meetings have brought together artists for online discussions and workshops for all things creative, writing poetry, drawing, monologues, and instructional videos. One thing artists are thriving at during the pandemic is sharing. Artists are learning new skills and dusting off some old ones. Long- forgotten techniques that may be new and exciting to others or re-igniting the passion for projects half done.

The creative juices that inspire exploring and new ideas, is indifferent to the genre of an artist. Artists thrive in creative circles, whether comrades are writers, painters, story tellers or actors. It is encouraging, and inspirational to hear of new projects and progress made in existing work. Artists support other artists and relish in their breakthroughs and success.

Six months of isolation has allowed artists the time to create, develop skills and support one another. Being an artist of any genre is not easy, but in a time of social distancing and isolation, artists do not have to look far to find fellow artists reaching out, in search of support or for those in need of support.

Take a look around, creative minds are gathering. If you need support, inspiration or have the desire to learn something new- join in! If you are already inspired - go do something creative!

kat Creative Hollow

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